Paul 'Ashley' Holdsworth is a Photographer specialising in the beauty of people, places and things. He divides his time between Bristol in the UK and Sydney, Australia.

Ash began his career photographing live music and TV stills. He then relocated to Sydney where he trained in medium format film, assisted the big guns in celebrity portraiture and Fashion and eventually established himself in post production as a Retoucher. After learning what he needed to know to photograph people he then through himself into technical lighting and product photography. It is through this dedicated thirst for knowledge that his technical ability equals his artistic nature. Ash believes one of the many beauties of photography is, there's always something new to learn and everything can be applied to something else, something new.

With a self-confessed worship of light and the ability to capture the authentic moments in between the cheesy smiles and the serious faces, Ash’s images have a quality that both draws the attention and entices the gaze using simple yet powerful aesthetics.

Combined seamlessly and effortlessly with a keen eye for design and detail; both form and function, he melds the intangible essence of human energy with creative minimalism to evoke an image that stays with you long after the photograph has been seen. There is no secret to portraiture. Ash engages his subjects using the age old technique of a meaningful conversation, embracing the present moment and the spirit of human connection.

With a nod towards “social good” brands and products, Ash is passionate about creating art with socially conscious clients.

He has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Leeds, Bristol, London and all over the UK for Global companies, magazines, brands, manufacturers and artists. His imagery has been seen on billboards, bus sides, packaging, magazines, album covers and online content all over the world.

Ash is available for assignments directly: