Dance like no-one is Watching

The images for ‘Dance like no-one is Watching’ were shot
between 2009 & 2012 as I followed the underground LGBT party scene in Sydney. I had residencies at several different nights and was hired to take social shots. Social shots are pretty easy, you just approach the people having fun and ask to take their picture, and likewise for candid shots, you just look for the smiles and shoot. What interested me though was the way people move when in a party environment. Some feel the music with their entire soul, others feel compelled to merely bop their head. I can’t dance to save my life, so I’ve always been fascinated with people who can - and who can’t.
Quantum physics proves that things behave differently when they know they’re being watched, down to an atomic level. So once I’d got what I needed for the job and as an experiment, rather than ‘looking for the smiles’, I instead focused purely on dancers. I photographed the pros as equally as the awkward people, the ones who weren’t quite dancing, or who had spent the last hour plucking up the courage to break out their moves and then BAM! I would be in their face with a big camera and flash. This was not to make them feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite. It was to test peoples awareness. To see, if in that split second, in that 1/250th of a second, if the subject knew they were being watched …and changed their behaviour.
I wanted to see, if they danced, like no-one was watching.
Some did, most didn’t.